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At Blush Hair Studio we are certified in Habit Extension Method. It is the most comfortable extension method stylists are using.  It is the healthiest extension method on your hair and gives the most natural overall look.



What is Habit Extension Method?

It is a no glue, no heat and no adhesive method.  Hair is sectioned off into silicone lined beads in a row around the head. Then wefts of real hand tied hair are hand tied with an extensions string to the track of beads. There can be 1-3 rows installed. If little hair is needed to add a bit of color or thickness, maybe only 1 row will be required. For added length or people with thicker hair, 2 rows may be required. For people that need the maximum amount of blending from short hair in the crown from breakage, 3 rows may be required.

What is it used for?

Add length, volume and thickness! Add pops of colour without colouring your natural hair!

Extensions are also a great option for weddings.



How long do they last?

Once the hair is purchased for the first visit, the hair can last anywhere from 6 - 18 months depending on the brand and how well it is cared for while it is worn. Home care is key!


The hair will need to be moved up every 7-8 weeks. During this appointment the hair will be removed. The hair will then be washed blowdried and reinstalled. At this time, color can to touched up and a trim if need be.



What type of extensions do you use?

At Blush we use a Canadian company that uses only high quality Russian Slavic Hair. We use hand-tied extensions. These are tied by hand which allows them to be thinner than machine tied wefts, allowing them to lay flat again the scalp. Slavic hair is todays most popular due to its strength, thickness and overall silk texture.


Are they a lot to care for? 

Yes and no! If you are a wash and go person, these extensions are not for you. They do require a little extra TLC. Hair can not be left wet and are not good for people who swim a lot. They require proper professional shampoo, conditioner, detanlgers and deep treatments which we have available in the Extensions Care Kit for you to take home at your appointment. If you are used to taking good care of your hair, they will be easily cared for.


What is the investment?

To purchase the hair can range from $350- $1500 depending on the look you are trying to achieve, length and thickness.


The reinstallment every 7-8 weeks can range anywhere from $195 - $350 depending on the amount of rows. 


Colouring extensions is an additional fee based on our colouring services. This is not always required but often suggested for most natural results. 


We require a deposit to purchase the hair, and the instalment fee will be charged on instalment day.


all extension services are starting prices, a consultation is required


(New install includes a haircut to blend extensions, price does not include the cost of hair)


(New install includes a haircut to blend extensions, price does not include the cost of hair)


(Removal and move up of extensions 6-8weeks)


(Removal and move up of extensions 6-8weeks)



If you think hand tied extensions are something you are interested in, we would love to meet you for a

FREE 30 minute in-person consultation!

We can see if your desired look is achievable using this method of extensions. 

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